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MoviesYves Edwards vs. Hermes Franca - Part II

Yves Edwards vs. Hermes Franca – Part II

Yves Edwards vs. Hermes Franca – Part II

Clips from rematch between Hermes Franca and Yves Edwards.
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  1. Sean Sherk's victory at UFC 73 just goes to prove my point that he is a dominant fighter and one of the best lightweights in the world. Yes, he is better than Takanori Gomi. All that remains now is a clash between Sherk and BJ Penn to determine who truly is the best. For now, Penn is.

  2. Doesn't matter, Penn still lost. Sean Sherk is 31-2 for good reason, and he'll beat Hermes Franca's ass senseless. Penn is not the best welterweight in the world, or he would be champion. And don't give me any grief about Penn being injured because Hughes got lowblowed and put in a submission by Frank Trigg, and he still won.

  3. BJ did beat Hughes the first time, remember? He also dominated the first two rounds of the second fight till he was injured. There are plenty of lighweights better than Sherk, the midget will drop the belt on his first defense, a right from Hermes and he'll be sleeping!

  4. blah blah blah. I did say they should be rewarded for escapes….but eh nevermind. No sense in trying to explain myself to an idiot. There's so many variables and factors to take into account depending on the situation. You'd never get it. I like my privacy. Our academy is professional and respectful and well respected. Unlike you obviously. Go ahead and reply a billion times. I'm done with you. good bye.

  5. lol "overall aggression and octagonal control"…how many times did you watch your dvds to get that down word for word? And why are you so mad? I watch all the ppvs too. I could also argue that one should not end up in the position to have to escape. But I do agree escapes should be rewarded, but I also believe that almost submitting someone > almost getting caught in one. I respect and hear people's opinions. You're not very open minded it seems.

  6. You're the one looking for an arguement and you don't have one. For what it's worth I've watched UFC since '93. I too train about the same as you do at one of the best schools in the nation that has produced some of the best grapplers and fighters, though you probably wouldn't know about that. Anyways, I don't need to waste my time on an ignorant, angry fool like you. Have a great day.

  7. I never even implied that they do reward for missed punches. But I would award a decision to a guy who threw more punches or attempted more takedowns and subs because he was more active and not stalling. My point is that it should be the more active guy being rewarded for actually fighting rather than just "surviving." You probably never trained in your life and are just a new fan who thinks you know it all because you watch it on Spike.

  8. I'd like to see this whole fight. In my opinion, Hermes Franca WON the first fight(Hermes beat Josh Thompson too but was robbed). UFC judges suck. I think they score it like boxing and ignore grappling. Someone shouldn't be penalized for missing a submission-at least he went for it and tried to finish the fight. He should be rewarded for that, NOT the guy who escapes. You don't penalize people for missing punches. lol

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