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In this post, I will be listing the best music identifier apps for Android users. With these apps, you can easily get the title of a song you want to have on your Android device.

1. MusixMatch

MusixMatch is an app I believe 50% of Android users are very familiar with, and even though it’s a lyrics app, it serves a lot of purposes than just giving you the lyrics of a song you’re playing on your Android device. It’s also a music player on its own and it can as well edit songs info.

MusixMatch also has a feature that’ll allow you to identify a particular song regardless of its genre and who sang it. It has a built-in ACRCloud that allows song identifying within the app. MusixMatch is one of the best music identifier apps for Android

2. SoundHound

Have you ever missed a music title from a radio station you were listening to? that happens often I know but have you considered using a music identifier app like SoundHound? Maybe you should get this app because it’s the ultimate solution to identifying any music with your Android device.

You can use SoundHound to identify music on your Android device, you can read music lyrics on it and as well use it as a music player. This app is one of the best music identifier apps for Android and it has cool features.

3. Shazam

Shazam works like magic as said by techradar.com, well it does and that makes it one of the best music identifying apps out there. This app will identify any music for you, and not just music alone, it can identify videos, artistes, playlists and so much more, it’s like having the music archive in your pocket.

Shazam offers more than just identifying music actually, you can as well stream and download music on it, and you can buy music as well. It’s one of the best music identifier apps for Android users and it works very well.

4. Genius

Genius is another music identifier app that won’t go without getting listed on my list. This app has billions of songs and lyrics in its database and that means you wouldn’t miss out on getting any song of your choice on this app.

Genius has a lot of features, you can identify music easily with the Genius app, and ACRCloud powers it just like MusixMatch. You can use Genius to identify any kind of music and that makes it one of the best music identifier apps for Android.

5. WhoSampled

WhoSampled might just be the music identifier app you need right now, with its features you can get to know about music in different samples, this app will identify music for you including its artist, origin, and other music samples out there. But most of these features are paid for.

WhoSampled is an excellent app to identify music online, it’s easy to use and has nice features, and that makes it one of the best music identifier apps for Android users, you can give it a try.

6. Music recognition

Last on the list is another great app called Music recognition and it could be just what you need to identify that particular music you don’t want to miss out on downloading. This app doesn’t just identify music alone, it identifies the music and its artist biography, all songs by the artist and some of their top charts.

It’s an app worth having on one’s device. Music recognition is one of the best music identifier apps for Android users and it has a lot of features that’ll fit your demands.

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